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Stretch tent connectors and gutters

Our Stretch Tents are so versatile and can be paired up to provide an eye-catching cover for any shape space and size.  With our connectors, you can make your space as big as you like and completely protected from the elements.  Add some side walls and you have a little oasis exclusively designed for your event.


This accessory is used to join 2 stretch tents together to expand your surface area and provide a larger waterproof cover for your guests.  You can use multiple connectors to join more and more stretch tents together.  

Innovative design to ensure 100% waterproof seal between tents.

The size connector used is determined by the size of the marquee that you are joining ie/ if you have a 10x15m Stretch Tent and you are joining two together on the 10m side of the tent, you will require a 10m Stretch Tent Connector.

  • 100% waterproof system
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Supplied with steel quick links and swivel clips for easy installation

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