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Retractable Tunnels

Our retractable tunnel concept is incredibly versatile and lends itself to a range of applications. Each order can be designed and manufactured according to clients needs. Large, small, fixed or retractable - whatever your situation, our Design & Installation team can find a solution to your search.

Folding garages, football tunnels, weatherproof walkways or temporary warehouses - no problem. Whichever industry, the right application is available: sports, retail or leisure

Designed and manufactured in Europe, our retractable tunnel solutions provide a perfect versatile solution


  • Fast assembly in a matter of hours to a few days.
  • NFPA 701 fire rated .
  • Standard colors White , Grey , Champagne , Black and Green with more colors available on request.
  • Foundation-free.
  • Maintenance-free for reduced total lifetime investment.
  • Space saving: a 5 mts tunnel can be retracted up to a minimum of 35 cms when not in use (this is a Rb1 tunnel on nylon wheels)
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • Easy installation, modification or relocation as the frame is modular and expandable.
  • User and operator friendly
  • Coloured roofs and frames, clear windows and covers, curtains (sliding or with central opening) branding and signwriting are available.
  • Tunnels can be linked together or linked to existing structures or buildings (flashing and plates are available to facilitate a smooth connection)
  • Completely tailored, made to measure and fully customizable to site's requirements
  • Innovative and unique design
  • Long-lasting and cost effective
  • Widths: from 3ft up to 50ft
  • Eave height: from 6 ft up to 16.5ft
  • Reduced height tunnels - roof only systems - wall mounted models either single and double pitch, fixed, curved, sloped modules, bespoke sizes smaller or larger are available upon request
  • Wheel Options: pneumatic tyres, nylon wheels (with and without lift proof tracks) multi-directional pneumatic tyres, multi-directional nylon wheels, heavy duty wheels and much more.
  • Eyelets, stainless steel tracks, safety straps, handles to pull the tunnel back as an option
  • covers are made from single panels, each a metre wide, which are fitted into the profile’s groove with a keder strip on both sides

Can I buy an off the shelf product?

No. All tunnels are made to order.

What colour and material is the frame made of?

Silver anodised aluminium frame.

What secures the tunnel once it's extended to its' full length?

Pantograph tensioning levers. Colour RAL 9006.

What fabric and colours are the covers made from?

  • Fabric Poly RS ADR 650 GSM. Standard colours: White, Grey, Champagne, Black and Green.
  • Clear Crystal plus PVC available.
  • Blackout PVC available.
  • Windows and clear roof available.

Are the tunnels fire rated?

All tunnels are fire rated to:

  • UNI EN 13782:2015.
  • USA NFPA 701.
  • Australia AS 1530.

What type and size are the wheels?

  • Nylon wheels 125mm /4.9".
  • Optional lift proof tracks.
  • Pneumatic / rubber wheels 140mm-200mm / 5.5-8".

What is the maximum size of a tunnel?

  • Max width: 15m / 50'
  • Max height: 5m / 16'6" (eave)
  • Max length: there is no minimum or maximum length.

What is the retracted length?

For a 10m /33' tunnel retracts to 67cm / 2' 3"

Can the tunnel go on sloped ground?

Can be sloped Vertically.

Can the tunnel bend sideways?

Horizontally up to 90 degrees.

Does the tunnel have a wind loading?

Supported by the proper anchoring system and with the application of tensioning straps, tunnels have a wind resistance of 100klph / 62MPH.

How do you anchor / secure the tunnel if necessary?

Wall fix brackets

Retractable tunnel secured with Wall Fix Brackets

Ground fix brackets 

Retractable tunnel secured with Ground Fix Brackets

Concrete or water weights with tensioning straps

Retractable tunnel secured with Concrete Weights and Tensioning Straps

Is the tunnel difficult to deliver?

No. It's easily freighted in custom solid timber boxes

Retractable tunnel crated for delivery in wooden crate

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