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Stretchflex "LITE" Stretch Tents

These marquees come in a variety of standard shapes, sizes and colours, or you can work with our professional designers to create nearly any structure you can imagine with colours and printed logos & branding to make it uniquely yours.

Because of the incredible stretch in our Stretchflex range, they create designs & configurations that are guaranteed to draw a crowd wherever you set it up.  Add lights, lycra, stretch event architecture and inflatable structures to any of our stretch marquees and you've got a combination that will instantly take your event to the next level. 

Our Stretchflex `LITE' tents are designed for occasional use, such as, special events, private parties etc. The reason for this is that they are manufactured from a more cost effective fabric. This enables the LITE tents to be lighter, have more stretch and cost a fraction of the price of our modern freeform stretch tents which are manufactured with our flagship Bedouinflex fabric. Thereby, customers can achieve the same amazing look & feel of our Bedouinflex stretch tents, but at a more cost effective price. 
If you are a hire company, or a pub or restaurant looking for a stretch tent to remain installed for longer periods of time or to be used constantly for many years, please look at our Bedouinflex stretch tents which are designed for this purpose.

  • Download Spec Sheet Here


  • Strong machine stitched and welded edges and seams

  • Standard size tents available along with custom tents in any shape or any size
    • standard size tents are up to 9m x 12m (30' x 40')
    • custom tents can be made up to 10m x 15m (33' x 50') in size for a single tent
  • 100% Waterproof
    • Stretch polyamide (nylon) knit coated with a polymeric PU waterproof coating on two sides

    • Strongest machine stitched and welded edges and seams

  • Fire rated to Australian, British and international safety standards

    • Impregnated (not coated) with fire retardant chemicals

    • Certified to the following international standards
      • AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND standards AS1503.3:1999 and AS 1530.3:1992
      • BRITISH standard BS6807:Crib 5
  • Perfect 4 way stretch & memory

  • 100% Full recovery memory

  • UV stabilised by Fluorocarbon impregnation

    • Colour protection anti fading
  • Non toxic anti-Microbial application (viral, bacterial, fungal)

  • Breaking load of 1 tonne on any point

  • 2.2m Width seams

  • All seams are stitched and welded for extra stength and durability

  • Lightweight 240g/m2

  • Innovative edge clamp system

  • Both sides waterproof coating ensures quick runoff & fast drying times

  • Dirt repellent & machine washable up to 95 deg C
    • Can also be cleaned on site using high pressure hoses and soft detergents
  • Easily repaired without compromising the tents waterproofing
    • Tents can be seamlessly repaired by heat application of patch to either side of the fabric
    • All tents are supplied with simple to apply elastic clear repair tape for quick application repairs
    • Brandable fully printable with CMYK + white dye sublimation, digital or screen printing

    • Wind proof up to wind force 6 (45 km/h).

    • Range of colours 

    • Complete Pole Pack Option includes collapsible High grade 6005/T6 Aluminium Poles, Pole Stand, Snap hooks, Flying rings, PVC Industrial carry bags
    • ST CR  Cleat Rope Tensioning pack which includes
      • Quick Tensioning Stainless steel Cleat, Rope for cleat system, Snap Hooks for cleat System
    • ST AP 60cm Steel Anchor Pack 
    • 6mm Nylon Rope 100m Roll  
Stretch Freeform Tent Size ST 4.5m x 6m ST 6m x 8m ST 8m x 10m ST 9m x 12m ST 10m x 15m ST 15m x 20m
Collapsible Aluminium Poles 2.5m length 4 2 4 8 8 10
Collapsible Aluminium Poles 3.3m length 1 4 6 6 6 10
Collapsible  Aluminium Poles 4m length 0 1 1 1 3 6
Collapsible  Aluminium Poles 5m length 0 0 0 0 0 1
Pole Stand 1 1 1 1 2 4
Snap Hooks 20 28 36 44 50 72
Flying Ring 4 6 8 10 10 16
60cm Steel Anchor (Pegs) 6 10 16 22 30 45
1 Way Cleat Rope Sets 4 4 4 4 4 4
3 Way Cleat Rope Sets 2 4 6 8 11 16
6mm Nylon Rope 100m Roll 1 1 1 1 2 4
Industrial Carry Bags 1 1 1 1 1 2
Dimensions 1.33x0.32x0.33+ 0.62x0.62x0.04 1.33x0.32x0.33+ 0.62x0.62x0.04 1.4x0.43x0.34+ 0.62x0.62x0.04  0.62x0.62x0.50 1.45x0.33x0.4+ 0.62x0.62x0.04 +  0.62x0.62x0.50 1.5x0.48x0.4(2)+0.62x0.62x0.08 1.5x0.48x0.4(Qty 3) + 0.62x0.62x0.16
Weight 42kg 49Kg 67Kg 75Kg 108Kg 198Kg
Quantity of Cartons 2 2 3 3 3 4
    • Note the basic pole packs include only the poles - and do not include the snap hooks, cleat rope sets, rope, carry bags, pegs and base plates

Tent Installation


Edge Clamp Installation


Stretch Tent Edge Clamp Instructions


Each tent package is supplied with the stretch tent roof, lightweight bag, along with the centre pole caps, edge pole caps, and quick tape repair kit



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