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Pensilsole Solar Carport

Pensilsole Solar Carport is an aluminium photovoltaic carport. Manufactured in Europe, the Pensisole is an elegant solution for assisting client's to generate solar energy for self-consumption. 

 Pensilsole Standard - Middle or Maxi

Pensilsole Standard can be quickly installed, and can also accommodate advertising panels to the profiles to maximise visibility of your brand.

Ground fastening systems:

  1. Installation without foundation works with reinforced concrete ballast bases. We suggest using ballasts on asphalt, concrete and on driveways in self-locking bricks. This solution is faster to install.
  2. Installation with special steel plates on reinforced concrete foundations. We suggest using anchor plates for bigger works and on non-stabilised soils. Foundation works are required when using anchor plates.

Pensilsole Cantilever

Pensilsole Cantilever gives cars maximum freedom to manoeuvre by reducing the frame works attached to the ground. 

Ground fastening systems:

  1. The structure is fixed on reinforced concrete foundations. Foundation works are always required.
  • Covered parking spaces protect vehicles from the environment, thereby saving you money.
  • Generate green energy by installing solar panels. Incorporate an energy storage unit to store energy for the night usage, or feed back into the grid.
  • Using solar panels as the carport roof, instead of fixing them to existing structures, is a great way to provide easy access for installation and routine maintenance, and doesn't damage pre-existing buildings.
  • Turn your carport into an EV Charging station for use with cars, bicycles and scooters. 
  • Show the world your 'Green' credentials. Integrate your carport with EV Charging units branded with your company logo and colours.
  • Use a customised colour to integrate your Pensilsole so it sits in harmony with neighbouring structures.  
  • High-quality design. Individual components are CE certified
  • Turn your retail or corporate car park into an asset! Protect vehicles from the environment while generating solar energy. Use that energy during the day for  EV charging and at night for security lighting, or exchange it on the grid and save on energy bills.
  • Municipalities and councils can join the E-Mobility revolution and lead by example. Encourage the public and local businesses to invest in electric vehicles by providing easy access to charging stations. Save money for local constituents by generating their own solar energy for consumption.
  • Make your residential strata building EV ready and compliant. Installing solar panels on a pre-existing rooftop can risk damage to the roofing membrane. A canopy installation allows the system to be easily installed, provides easy access for solar panels to be cleaned and controlled, ensuring maximum performance over time.
  • Private residences who want to save on their electricity bills or have a designated safe outdoor area for charging E-bikes, e-scooters and other light electric vehicles (LEV). LEVs should be stored and charged outside in a garage or carport, away from living spaces and combustable materials to prevent fires.
  • The structure is made out of aluminium profiles and powder coated steel components cataphoresis treated. No ordinary maintenance is needed.
  • Compatible with any photovoltaic panel, so you can choose your preferred solar supplier with confidence.
  • Quick installation time. The rapid assembly reduces the installation cost and avoids any interruption to regular activities while work is carried out. This is particularly useful for council, retail and corporate car parks where the scale of projects is large.
  • Adaptable to new needs that arise over time, like adding more modules, or switching to higher performance panels as the technology is perfected.
  • The structures are modular and on request can be fitted with an efficient guttering system.
  • The structures are customisable in size and colour. Rigid branded advertising panels with logo and graphics can be installed.
  • Limited maintenance.
  • Standard Pensilsole  can be supplied with optional concrete ballasts
    The advantages are:
    1) No expensive foundations are required meaning little or no spoil.
    2) All carports on ballasts are meant as temporary structures, however to find
    out if your project will need planning permission contact your local authority.
    3) If needed the structure can be easily relocated to another place.
    Upon request a steel plates version is available to be bolted down onto existing or purpose built foundations.
  • Choose from standard colours:  
    1)  Anodized Silver
    2)  White (Matt finish)
    2)  Dove Grey (Matt finish)
    4) Dark Brown (Matt finish)
  • Or customise your colour by choosing from the RAL range with a smooth finish. 

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